Mobdro Error and Mobro Problems Modro OFFLINE [Solved] ✔✔✔

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How to fix Mobdro streaming error & common bugs

Mobdro become so popular this day due to free stream such video, TV shows, news, sport, etc. As many question from reader in our website and Facebook Fans Page regarding to Mobdro Errors while streaming, we struggle to encounter the problems by discovering the solutions. We also attempt to collecting the problems and arrange them so you are able to seek your solution easily.

Mobdro is not Working

Suppose Mobdro is not working does not mean Mobdro is failed as an application. Some issues actually can define as some connection problems, unless some as bugs of the Mobdro itself. Here, we struggle to distinguished the common problems and errors that Modro usually occured.

Mobdro an Error Occurred, Please Try Agian Later

Let’s see, does your Mobdro meet these kinds of problems? Many Mobdro channels stop working, Mobdro live streaming is offline, can’t download video, Mobdro is not working, Mobdro can’t stream, streaming error, only “loading your stream”, check your connection, etc. These kind of Mobdro errors can come across after a new update, or they are just suddenly occurred.

Here you can fix those problem issues as below:

Mobdro Bug and Error App Solutions

Video Playback Error

You may have this error when your device working with Android Lollypop and the version higher. This error extremely appears while streaming video online. Simply, you can resolve the problem by the following steps:

Solution: Activate NuPlayer or AwesomePlayer

Go to Settings, About, Find Build Number and tap 7 times continuously to implement the Developer mode. Back to Settings, Developer option, select NuPlayer or AwesomePlayer to activate it. Reboot your device, enjoy.

Note: this method can’t be done for above Android 6.0 version because they are enable just by default.

Parse Error: There Was a Problem Parsing The Package

The parse error on Mobdro application occurred due to the corrupted apk file. This probably established because something is missing during download the Mobdro Apk.

Solution: Stable Connection

Make sure that you have stable connection before you download and download the Mobdro apk file from official website. Read our article about Mobdro APK Download.

Parse error also might be established due to you may use Android OS below 4.1 version on you Android Smartphone, tablet, Android box, etc.

Solution: Upgrade Android OS Version 4.1

Please, check you Android OS. If you have your Android OS version below 4.1 then you need to update your Android OS to 4.1 version or you can simply buy the new Android device with Android OS 4.1 version or higher.

In the other hand, parse error come up because your device does not support Mobdro. Sometime your Android device already has 4.1 Android OS version, and you have successfully installed the Mobdro apk. Indeed, you still have this problem.

Solution: Buy New Device or Jailbreak

No other option with this parse error unless to have to buy new device, because your device does not support Mobdro. Or you if you insist to install Mobdro on you Roku, then you need to do the Jailbreak, but we do not recommend you if you are a common user because it’s very risky and can harm you device.

Mobdro issue: Error and loading your stream

According to our investigation, this error message (see picture) and problem loading your stream can’t run, but just back to the home or category due to your internet have been blocked by your ISP or mobile carrier.

Solution: Use VPN

We recommend you to run Virtual Private Network to solve the problem. Simply connect to the VPN, then change your IP. Done. Read our article about VPN for Mobdro and its advantageous.

Mobdro Connection Error Solutions

Mobdro Error: Mobdro Not Working

Due to many requests from users, Mobdro shall not respond. It is because Mobdro servers are not constructed to deal with highly traffic requests from users. An extremely heavy load on the server might lead to some delay, and user may get an error message such “Mobdro Not Working”.

If you face this kind of problem, you should try these possibilities below:

Solution: Clear Data and Clear Cache

Mobdro utilizes the current data and cache which possessed from the user activity all along or after any updates. This update completely does not provide a fresh installation, however still insist all the user’s log of activities. It means, user may comfortably to surf their favourites and inquiry their download, history and so on.

In other way, sometime when you have new updated or your Mobdro application swiftly crashes, it may force the data to a corruptible format which make Mobdro not working or streaming error. You can endeavour by clear the cache and clear data. Simply follow these steps below to fix Mobdro not Working:

Go to Settings, go to App, find Mobdro and tap on it, tap the storage option, tab both ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’

Your Mobdro has already back to the fresh installation. If you still have the same problem, try next solutions.

Solution: Update or Downgrade

Nevertheless you develop this issue, try to uninstall the Mobdro application and replace it with the new Mobdro update. Sometime, this error might have occurred because of the bug issues of old Mobdro.

Vice versa, some users develop this issue after they update their Mobdro. And if it’s because of new update, then simply you can rollback or downgrade the recent update Mobdro with the old stable version. Simply uninstall the current Mobdro and install the old stable version. If you need to download the Mobdro old version, here you read our article Download Mobdro Official.

Solution: Wait Back Online or Use VPN

Probably, you have tried solution 1 and solution 2, indeed the problem persistence. You just have to waited for some time, and you can attempt back connect online to stream. If this issue still develops or if you don’t want to wait too long, you probably should be endeavour connecting by using VPN services.

Use VPN for Mobdro authorizes you to have stable connection, even avoid you from freeze. Why? Because VPN will try to secure your traffic route and make it exclusive to be accessed. See our article about Mobdro VPN and our recommended VPN.

Mobdro: Can’t load data. Check your connection

Mobdro error: Can't load data. Check your connection
Can’t load data. Check your connection

I expect you ever confront such kind of issue on your Mobdro “Can’t load data. Check your connection”. This problem might develop when you open Mobdro, and then select the channel you wish to watch or when you select the channels randomly. Here, you can attempt to fix the problem below:

Solution: Time Zone mismatch

Please check your Android devices Date and Time, whether they are smartphone, tablet, etc. Ensure that the date and time have been set as your local time zone.

In addition, you desire to adjust the date and time to the exact time. We don’t recommend you to set the correction manually, as along with daylight saving the time will change which might be problematic to adjust each and every time. So, we insist you to drop with Automatic Date and Time setting. Here are several ways to solve the date and time mismatch that you can try below:

Time Zone Mismatch
Time Zone Mismatch

Open your Settings -> Go to Date and Time by navigating down, check carefully whether these two options have enabled or not “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone” tap to enable them. After you’re done setting date and time up, I advise you to close the Mobdro application and open it again. You should have your Mobdro back online. If, there is still an issue you may try another way here.

Solution: Check your connection

First, you may deal with this issue, and this probably indeed because you really need to check your connection whether it has been connected or disconnected. You can investigate by turning off your connection and then turning on back your connection.

If your internet connection is connected, but the same problem yet aroused, it might be due to your internet speed is too slow. According to our investigation, Mobdro requires a minimum speed to stream without any error, which is at least you should have 2 Mbps internet connection speed. If your internet connection speed is more than 2 Mbps, yet the problem persistence, this is probably your bandwidth has been limited by your ISP or your mobile carrier.

For this kind of issue, maybe you should try to use VPN service to by-pass the ISP or mobile carrier limitations. Read our article about Is Mobdro safe and legal?

Mobdro: No Connection Error

This error message can be established considering the slow fetching time from the server or network error on mobdro. For your information, according to allow user to stream, Mobdro may crawl all the webs that available for free stream, as they have been collected by categories, then grabbing them in order to be streamed by user.

Solution: Stable and High-Speed Connection

“No Connection Error” can be solved by ensuring that you have stable and high-speed connection. If you ensure that your connection is stable and high-speed, yet the same problem still arise, it probably could come from your ISP or mobile carrier restrictions, they limit you to stream from Mobdro server. At the moment on, you may run VPN to by-pass the limitations. Read our article about Mobdro without VPN.

Mobdro: Oh no! Live stream is currently OFFLINE

The live stream is currently OFFLINE
The live stream is currently OFFLINE

This is the most bothersome and irritating issue. Well, we know by the way that most users absolutely have ever experienced this error, and the error that most users usually report, especially when The Sport TV league is going Live. Mobdro may develop this issue due to many factors, but once we ever seek to discover this issue that some of them may because of ISP or mobile carrier restrictions. Your ISP or mobile carrier may limit your connection due to legal policy on your country. Here you can read our article Is Mobdro Safe and Legal?

Solution: Use VPN

Suppose you have read the other problem, most of the solution probably the same and you can attempt them. But here we recommend you with such of issue, you should undertake to endeavour this issue by using VPN. By connecting your internet connection with VPN, it will by-pass your connection directly through VPN server, and sure the VPN service will protect you from your ISP or mobile carrier limitations. Learn more about VPN for Mobdro.

Final Words

Those are common problems we’ve discovered and the solutions to solve them. Some issues may have the same solutions, and we are open to let you know and contribute if probably you have the same problems here but have alternative solutions. Just let’s us know by commenting on our website or our Facebook Fans Page.


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